Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Garage Condos?

At Sandlot Garage Condos you don’t rent a space. You buy one. This means that you own a piece of real estate and you can enjoy all the perks that come with being an owner. Your garage will build equity for you while you have ultimate financial control.

Plus, your garage is yours. You get to customize it to your desires. Each space is plumbed for a bathroom, heated and cooled and wired for phone, cable and internet. You have the freedom to create your dream space. Add a loft, build a sport court, install a lift to tinker with your car, build your dream bar lounge or create your favorite sports team game day atmosphere with a huge TV and memorabilia. 

With gated 24 hours access to, you have the freedom to use the space whenever you want. Become an owner today and start enjoying your stuff instead of paying someone else to store it.

Frequently Asked Questions:​

What are the benefits of owning vs renting a storage unit?
  • Investment and the ability to build equity, possible income tax benefits, option to customize your space, future return on investment, financial control.
What type of construction are the buildings?
  • Steel
Are the utilities separately metered?
  • Electric is separately metered. Water will be billed to Sandlot Garage Condos and incorporated into HOA dues.
Can I finance my Garage Condo?
  • Yes, we have partnered with Legacy Bank to provide financing options. Please visit the financing tab.
Can I run a business out of my storage unit?
  • Potentially. Your business model must be in agreement with the association by-laws. However, no retail models requiring walk-in customers will be permitted.
Who pays for property insurance?
  • The association will carry an insurance policy to cover the common building elements and common areas shared by all owners. Individual owners will be responsible to carry an insurance policy to cover their own unit, any improvements, and the contents.
How are taxes paid?
  • The association pays taxes on shared common areas. Individual owners will be responsible to pay property taxes on their unit as identified by the county.
How is the property classified?
  • It is commercially zoned.